"The Ferrari Dino was so beautiful to see. The beautiful curves on the body for example, just look ravishing. The feeling of looking at the sexy fender curves gives me the feeling of glow from a coated piano. Real Glass Coat truly highlights the beauty of the surface"
- Tatsuki Hide Tadashi Azuma, Classical Musician





"Well, this is amazing I have to say." It is worthy of its reputation in terms of representing the potential of the most advanced body glass coating system. When touched by hand, I’m surprised it feels more shiny than expected. It’s glossy like a mirror’s reflection. The water repellent performance of Real Glass Coat makes one feel like touching the body with polka dots.
- Motoyama Satoshi, Formula Nippon and Super GT driver





The glass based coating is able to give a sense of transparent luster. After seeing and touching it, Mr.Arai’s attentive expression naturally become relaxed. During PCWRC races, muddy cars become so much easier to clean and maintain after applying Real Glass Coat.
- Arai Toshihiro, Production Cars World Rally Championship driver.