In Japan, the beauty and paint line is very clear as shown above, wound 1 have hurt the paint layer and must be re-painted, wound 2 although it can be repaired, but after repair, the gold oil is too thin and detrimental to the owners to re-paint, beauty technician must make a beneficial proposal for the vehicle owner, nbut ot only consider their own interests.
General stores used oil-based polish agent with coarse particles, although the polish speed faster, but it can also generate new grinding marks. Oily-based agents containing a high proportion of silicon oil or resin composition, while in the polish process will have better coverage results, scars seem to disappear, but after cleaning or degreasing or for several car washing, the coverage composition will lost, there will be a lot of scars appearance, the use of oil-based agent has time-saving effect, but for the owner, they just spend money for the new harms.

GZOX use water-based agent, the smallest particles is only 0.3 micron, the formula does not contain covered components, with GZOX exclusive PROTECH skills, technicians can clearly see the extent and effect of polishing, thus cutting the minimum amount to achieve the most perfect effect.