Varnish layer is what we call golden oil, the thicker and clean transparent, the more able to show the deep, natural shine.
Paint layer is the colored layer
Each coating composition are different, the role of the middle coating layer is to combine the primer paint layer and the paint layer. Often said that re-baking paint is thinner, besides paint equipment reason, the main factors is to save time and cost. Paint factory usually omitted in the middle coating layer, and therefore, unless severely damaged paint, or otherwise, with beauty way to restore the luster paint is better.
Primer layer can seal plate, and has antirust function.
1. Paint with no scars, the light refraction angle is orderly.
2. When paint appears scar, the light refraction disorder, so we will see a scar (can see the scars, with
naked eye, usually not less than 0.4um)
3. Scars must need to be cover up by polished to create false impression.


  Seemingly smooth finish, in fact, many small gaps invisible   After the dirt attached   After rain and sunshine, dirt will penetrate the gaps   Washing can only remove surface dirts, over time, dirts that left in the gaps can cause paint to appear yellow and pan-black
  Protective coating can fill up the gaps   Dirt attached to the protective layer   Dirt is not easy to penetrate the protective layer   Car wash can easily remove the dirts


pH 1 2 3 4.5 5.0 5.6 7 8.8 10 12.2 14
  Battery fluid Lemon juice Carbonated beverages Rain in northern Taiwan Rain in southern Taiwan Normal rain Distilled water Rain in Tibet   Ammonia  
Acid Neutral Alkaline


Plant emissions' sulfur compounds, vehicle emissions' nitrogen compounds and etc will suspended in the atmosphere, combined and formed sulfuric acid, Nitric acid chemical substances, as the rain falls, it forms the so-called "acid rain" -> Please check Web acid rain in Taiwan
  The water will gradually evaporate when sun shines, but the acid in water droplets will not evaporate, yet rolling inside the droplets.   When the paint plate started to hot the paint will be soften and eroded by acid   Paint damage after dried
  Protective coating has a strong acid & alkali resistance, uneasy to be affected   Protective coating has strong heat resistance, uneasy to soften   Paint surface normal after dried

Rain and dust contain minerals, in the evaporation process, it combined into calcification, sodium compounds, accumulate in the drop edge of chlorine in tap water, fluoride and etc, will form a white precipitate, these phenomena known as water spotting, can cause paint damage, in addition to smear protective coat to reduce injury frequency, the best way is to have car wash after rain, and wipe clean the droplets.
Paint can sparkle comes from a clean paint surface, so need beauty way to remove the damaged paint, as the body get "treatment" when sick, but the best treatment is "prevention", for paint, what material can achieve the prevention effect?

Traditional wax, glaze soft materials provide temporary gloss, but will soften in the sun and after wash away in rain. The hardness of soft materials can not resist washing possible injuries, the car owner spend monay on car beauty, apply those the materials with only gloss but without protection after surface repair, without much time the scars occur again, stores may require vehicle owners to do it again on another beauty, but the paint so thin, can withstand how many times of polish?

The birth of hard protective coating, give the long-lasting solution to the automobile beauty, therefore vehicle owners will not spend their money injustice.
A hard protective paint coating, even if the scars produced, it will initially bear by protective coating, the higher the hardness of protective coating, the more difficult scars to produce.   Paint wihout protective coating, scars directly produce at the oil layer

Because of environmental factors, the recent vehicles that with environmentally friendly use water-based paint is getting higher, the thickness of this paint layer is thinner than oil paint layer, excessive polishing may cause damage to the paint layer. Before do beauty items, please choose a reputable store.