Professional Beauty Maintenance - Light
Provide daily cleaning for coated car, 1 year's maintenance products, contains of a bottle of neutral car wash, an absorbent deerskin towel, a bag of deerskin water allocation towel and a manuals, with transparent hand carry box, easy to carry and collect.
Super Concentrated Car Wash Essence
Mild neutral detergent, can generate a lot of rich dense foam with 1 botol cover's portion, enclosing a soft delicate waves sponge, can effectively clean variety of dirt, and easily wash away.
Water Absorbent Deerskin Towel
Made by high density PVA material, water absorption is two times as common deerskin towel, the unique of three-tier network structure, increasing flexibility and durability. Surface material detail/fine, do not hurt the paint, wipe after washing, has a high efficiency and light feeling's operation.
Water Allocated Deerskin Towel
To provide daily maintenance for vehicles that coated water-based protective coating. Used to high-density non-woven material, containing water allocated resin and gloss formula, while wipe the water droplets, can effectively coated on paint surface, enhance and extend the protective coat's water allocation and gloss performance. A bag with two deerskin towels, each tower can be reused three times.
Multi-purpose Cleaning Cloth
Multi-level super-fine materials, super absorbent, do not leave the water, and the soft touch cotton, suitable for either pain surface or interior leather and glass. Size: 35cm X 40cm with pink / dark blue two-color options
Super Fine Clay
Special formula by increasing the adhesive power to reduces friction, remove the oxide particles, iron, tar, paint and other impurities on the paint surface and does not leave marks, suitable for general owner or professional engineer, detailed formula particularly suitable for after finish coating maintenance.