Due to noisy sound and stuffy air in urban areas , most of the vehicle owner drive with closed windows, however, the air inside would be more clean? Biscuit crumbs, hair, shoes dirt on foot pads, etc., will not only produce musty, and alsothe breeding ground for bacteria.

Most car wash place will do simple cleaningduring car wash, but this can only remove dust, but not deodorant, and no sterilization function.



Japan is the most leading countries in photocatalyst technologically, photocatalytic remove vehicle nitride emissions, sulfur dioxide emissions, and annoying smoke, the more can be used to decompose bacteria and viruses. Experiments show, after an hour GZOX silver ions of titanium dioxide photocatalyst ultraviolet light 1000 candles, 99.9% of E. coli can, Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa microorganisms in bacterial decomposition, sterilization quite remarkable.

Experiment and found that indoor carpet and after roof plating on gzox photocatalyst, significantly reduced the number of planktonic bacteria in the air and reduce indoor mold growth, odor greatly reduced, can be said to serve several purposes. Gzox photocatalyst will not be consumed in the process of sterilization, the construction time can be maintained up for one year.
The indoor vacuums
Foot pad cleaning
Interior steam cleaning
Apply Photocatalyst Coating

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