Tire is made by natural rubber, rubber will be affected by UV, resulting in deterioration, aging, ground, dirt attached to the tire wall, will reduce the tire's cooling function, also hinder the appearance of vehicles.

Car wash place used to spray with silicone oil or wax to restore the surface gloss tire wall, but the gloss has a greasy feeling, not real and short-term, due to poor adhesion, silicone oil will splash into the next round of the arc edge of the paint surface during tire rotation, and form a yellow/hard remove's spots.
GZOX Professional Tire Coating, formed by the silicon compound and has a good brightening effects, after drying, will like the gloss black new tires, generally bright and without greasy feeling. Formulated with close connection with the rubber tire wall elements, valid up to three months.
Use special detergent and cleaner tool to scrub the tire
Blow dry water
Apply coating
Use infrared light to accelerate hardening response protective film
  Size 14 - 15 inch 16 - 17 inch above 18 inch