Aluminum circle as close to the ground, so it is easily attached to the asphalt, dust and other impurities. In the braking process, will produce large amounts of iron, these hot iron will penetrate the gold oil paint, firmly attached on the aluminum ring.

The traditional car wash industry care about efficiency, and will use high concentrations of strong acid, strong alkaline chemicals to clean the rims, the residual pharmaceutical will slowly corrode gold oil layer, and will leave a light pattern, severely cause spalling of gold oil layer.
GZOX Professional Wheel Coating, containing proprietary formula SiO2 components, not only has brightening effect, but also has comprehensive protection such as high hardness, high allocation of water, high heat resistant(700 ℃), anti-rust and etc
Protective film's thickness after hardening, thicker than 1um, hardness up to 7H, so can significantly reduce washing scar formation, especially those with anti-acid functional, effective car wash chemicals against damage, the effect up to one year.

Use special cleaning agents to dissolve iron powder
Cleaned again, and blow dry water.
Apply coating after degreasing
Use infrared light to accelerate hardening response protective film
  Size 14 - 15 inch 16 - 17 inch above 18 inch  
  Fees 320 370 430  

Note: If the aluminum ring has minor scars and spot that need to deal with, we may increase the cost, please contact store for discussion.


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