Most modern car lamps made with a transparent plastic material (such as PP, etc.), at new car stage, the clear perfection of light, not only has the finishing touch, it makes the body even more beauty, but also beneficial to the penetration of light , and cause the lights out much brighter.

However, the transparent plastic has its drawbacks, due to soft materials, impact of the sand and gravel, wrong car washing, exhaust fumes attached, will cause deterioration of lamp shells, atomization. Over time, the lights will reduces the aesthetic.
In particular, many car wash place, used to wax the light shell when wax the vehicle body, the wax contains the luster agents, under the effects of ultraviolet light, will degenerate and left on the lamp shell, causing the black light shell pan-black & yellow, severely reducing the transparency of light shell.

GZOX Real Glass Coat For Light Coating, will produce a layer of hard transparent protective film, effectively reduce the impact of the injury gravel, and dead insects, dust, soot and other substances attached can be easily wiped clean. Most of the ingredients of SiO2 protective film, will not affected by the usual car wash alkaline, acidic chemical cleaning agents, and certainly not afraid of rain erosion, effective up to one year.

  ▲ Light Coating can also be used in rain/shine windows, instrument panels, shrouds, helmets and other transparent material of the resin parts.  

Using a dedicated light shell cleaning agent to remove surface dirt
Use professional small polishing machine, remove the hardened dirt, and repair the minor light shell's wound, bring back light shell transparency.
Apply coating after degreasing
Use infrared light to accelerate hardening response protective film
  Vehicle Type Small Large XL  
  Fees 320 430 480  

Note: Price only includes headlights, other lamps or parts will quoted by subject field


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