Do not paint the plastic parts is limited by the characteristics of the material itself, is vulnerable to the impact of ultraviolet radiation, resulting in deterioration, bleaching phenomenon, the traditional car wash and waxing. The customary way apply wax on the plastic pieces, it is easier resulting in bleaching because the wax grinding or residue.

Car washes are also used to spray with silicone oil or wax to restore the luster of plastic parts, but the gloss has a greasy feeling, not real and short-term, totally not for the protective effect of plastic parts, and washed in the rain, it might also produce Vertical flow trace, seriously affecting the aesthetics of plastic parts.


GZOX Real Glass Coat Nano Hard resin coating, its nano molecular closely with the plastic surface to produce a layer of black gloss with the natural protective film, not only block UV penetration, extend the life of the plastic parts, it can be easily wiped clean when dead insects, dust , soot and other substances attached to its. Most of the ingredients to SiO2 protective film will not be affected by the usual car alkaline washing, and certainly not afraid of rain erosion, valid for up to one year.

Clean the surface dirt
Use special cleaning agents to remove the wax that residue and has whitening
Apply protectant after degreasing
Roasted using infrared light to accelerate hardening response protective film
  Vehicle Type Small Large XL  
  Fees 270 320 370  

Note: The price is for the windshield wiper position, and connect the bottom of the plastic parts around rear view mirror.
The other components such as security bar, tank cover, etc. Please discuss price with store.


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