Atmospheric pollutants such as exhaust fumes accumulate in the glass, will form a transparent lubricant film, this film not only reduces the clarity of glass, it will also have the scattering phenomenon when the headlights come from the opposite way, it affects driving safety.

Car with regular waxing, the wax on top roof will be washed away by rain water, and left on the glass surface. The water wax ingredients in petrol station's computer washing machines is the main cause of the glass to produce lubricant film. Although the glass hard, but because of the pores, water droplets (especially groundwater) will stay dry and lap crystalline minerals during the process, block the pores, Over time, it forms the water spotting which is unsightly and difficult to remove.

Hyper View Glass coating has a standard protective coating. In addition, its unique composition and stability, allowing allocation of water film fit the glass surface more closely, even if the wipers start, the arrangement of water film allocation is still solid. The traditional resin-based coating is unable to bear the friction wipers, allocate water film will be destroyed.
Hyper View Glass coating wipers after 400,000 times brushing, the allocation of water is still more than 80 degree angle, the effect is still strong, 400,000 times if converted into the time, the effective period over one year.


Use special detergent to remove oil film and water spots
Cleaned again, and blow dry water.
Apply protectant after degreasing
Roasted using infrared light to accelerate hardening response protective film
Hyper View Glass Coating
  Vehicle Type Small Large XL  
  Fees - Front glass 270 320 350  
  Fees - All glasses 430 480 530  

Note: If apply Glass Coating and Wiper Blades Lubricant togather, free lubricant for the wiper blades.