SOFT 99 as the first Japanese car brands of chemicals, its research and development team passes through many year endeavors, has finally succeeded in developing third generation's brand-new material - G'ZOX REAL GLASS COAT - Crystal Coating, a powerful combination of silica with an exclusive allocation of water recipe. It contains of the characteristics of abrasion resistance, gloss, hydrophobicity, durability, and water resistance, in the meantime brought in the new concept of "the whole car beauty"!

Combine all the features needed to protect the paint

REAL GLASS COAT - Crystal coating combines an exclusive allocation of long years of study SOFT99 water formula, amazing water allocation, is the best proof of an effective protective film to the paint.


UV, acid rain, salt, etc, is the main reason that affect the paint performance ,it can be called protective agent if it withstands wind and rain.


The hard protective film lets the impurity be unable to penetrate, when car wash the impurity falls along with the water and the vehicle paint is clean.


Complete seal on the paint can have excellent durability.

.Heat resistance

Protective film will not be affected by the thermal softening, can effectively protect the paint.


Thick, clear protective film, the breathtaking shine's depth of texture.


Equivalent to 3H pencil hardness, can significantly reduce the scratch, the flinty protective film was equal to adding a thickness layer on the golden oil. Even if scars are initially produced, the protective film is first to bear, will not directly hurt the gold oil.

.Chemical resistance

General wax, imitation enamel and other protective film, can not stand the chemical that commonly used in car wash industry, such as the erosion of steel ring and asphalt cleaner, REAL GLASS COAT Crystal Coating will not have the chemical reaction with acid and alkali, therefore it wont impacted by the chemical.

The characteristics of Hard Coating

Wax, silicon, imitation soft enamel and other protective agent, in the UV and the effect of high temperature, easily penetrate the dust and other oil impurities. When car wash, the protective coating is lost and the impurities adsorbed causing paint damage.

GZOX Hard Type Coating resistant to UV and high temperature effect, effectively isolating dust, grease and other impurities. When car wash, the impurity is falling with the water, the vehicle paint may certainly maintain the sharp gloss.


Products tested by the Japanese JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard)

  Note: The experiment confirmed that crystal deposition can be effectively delayed for paint damage from outside contaminants, but long ignored, or may cause complications, and we recommend that you maintain at least a month the second car wash without wax, and every three month to authorize the construction center, by our professional technician inspect your vehicle condition.  
  Basic working hours 10H  
  Vehicle Type Small Large XL
  Fees 1900 2100 2300


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