GZOX brand is the exclusive car care products that operated by technical personnel in Japan SOFT99 Corporation subsidiary. SOFT99 has already been established across half a century since 1954, the Group focused on development and sales on automotive chemicals, with the excellent quality of performance and rich complete type, SOFT99 not only share the 1st brand in Japan market, their products are also widely introduced to the world's major countries and regions, as a Japanese equities listed companies, SOFT99 aware of importance of social responsibility, apart from the long sponsorship of Asia scholarships, makes contribution for education andalso environmental protection, the company use recycled paper for documents, strictly implements ISO14001 standard in production process, and spent huge sums of money and efforts to set up solar power to slow down global warming and carbon reduction.
SOFT99 invest high budget in R&D, and cooperates with Japan well-known University in long-term sustainable industry. The provision of water, hydrophilicity, anti-stain, gloss and other kinds of effects of "functional film made of membrane technology", ahead of the same industries, REAL GLASS COAT crystal AB coating agent (Japanese Patent No. 4106063) that listed in 2005, get a highly valued by the market soon as it launched, obtains Japan's major depot to use and to produce generation.

GZOX REAL GLASS COAT's excellent effect, obtained PCWRC World Rally race driver Toshi Arai, 2008 Japanese GT500 champion Takeshi Tsuchiya and well-known musicians Hideki Togi's endorsement. Also introduced continuously by newspapers and magazines, the product maintain a high degree of exposure.
The world is so vast, science and technology improved, GZOX, a brand that position and target across global, will continue the innovates for the automotive aftersales market, continue to develop high-performance and high-quality car chemicals. At alliance shop's set up, togather with Japan head offices, completed the built up of Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and other Asian countries. In 2010, we will move together to China mainland, creating new Taiwan partnership, Join GZOX team and planning own car beauty business, now is the time!